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Dr. Shanelle R. Dawson
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ACCESS Global Group is a dynamic consulting and coaching firm that addresses organizational needs by applying comprehensive, innovative, and relevant strategies to advance projects and develop professionals. Our methods are designed to anticipate the shifting global landscape, while simultaneously meeting the needs of the global citizen. AGG is unique because we understand change is inevitable and we employ holistic approaches to transforming educational settings, corporate communities, and nonprofit organizations.

Offering expert advice and guidance to individuals or organizations to tackle challenges, make informed decisions, and reach their goals.

A collaborative, personalized process to help individuals or groups set and achieve specific goals by providing support, feedback, and guidance.

About Dr. Shanelle

Dr. Shanelle, President and CEO of ACCESS Global Group, is a Consultant, Coach, Author, and Professional Speaker…

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“Inspire individuals to pursue self-discovery, empower them to be innovative, progressive, and revolutionary in thought, and motivate them to be global activists.”
– Dr. Shanelle
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We encourage self-assessment and self-discovery while promoting innovative and progressive designs for change and implementing strategies for sustained success. Our goal is equity and empowerment for all individuals who represent diverse backgrounds and situations. Be Educated. Be Encouraged. Be Empowered.
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